How To Make Geary Work For Email

I am very new to Garuda. Like today. It installed easily. I did the updates, which surprised me because it appears something doesn't like rsync. Anyway the updates apparently installed.

Then I wanted to install Google Chrome, but apparently that can't be done because it's not on the list. OK, I can live with Firefox to see if I like this version of linux.

Next I installed LibreOffice. Not sure why that didn't install in the beginning since it is the only office suite available.

Now for an email program. One would think that would be fairly standard because everyone needs email. I looked for an email option. I even opened Geary. There was nothing visible that indicated that might be for email. So I looked for Thunderbird. Out of the 8 or 10 packages apparently available to be installed, Thunderbird wasn't one of them.

I was surprised because I have investigated 15 or 20 linux distributions and this is the first one that apparently doesn't support email. I searched all over for a TB download and happened to see Geary mentioned as a replacement. Went back and opened Geary again and still didn't see what it had to do with email.

I searched for directions on how to use Geary with my Gmail account and found something about doing this step and generating a password and then going to my gmail account and replacing a password with this new password. I was never able to find the place to use this new password.

I am still willing to try Geary, but I hope someone can provide very explicit directions on how to make it work. Otherwise I will try Evolution and If I can't get that to read my email, Garuda is done.


This is very much an XY Problem.

Thunderbird is in the repositories, so if you can't see it for installation then your package database is out of date, and that's what needs to be fixed.

Try sudo pacman -Syu thunderbird and see if that works. If it does, then it's an issue with Pamac.


I honestly don't know where to begin with this.

I'm new to Garuda but had no problem finding and installing an email client. It was so simple that I can't remember how I did it (at a guess Pacman?). Just now I fired up Add / Remove Software, searching for "email" gave me numerous hits, searching for "Thunderbird" had Thunderbird as the top result.

You say you have investigated 15 or 20 Linux distributions. This would suggest a modicum of knowledge. I can only suggest that you install Debian stable, or Ubuntu if you are feeling reckless. Stay well clear of Arch based distros...


All said :slight_smile: