How to make Garuda look more Windows like (KDE6)

Want you shiny new Garuda install to look a bit more windows like to help with your transition to linux. Well here is a video on how to do that and in the new KDE 6.

If you are missing under a maximized window your close maximize an minimize go .config/kwinrc and change


to false

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Burn that video with fire


More blue, ok.
No Dragons, ok.
But M$, ?.

Apart from that, it doesn’t look like M$ :slight_smile:


But why???!

Once the third-party developers for theming catch-up I plan to do more official looking one. I also find that most people coming over are from Windows 10, because their computer doesn’t comply with Windows 11.

I get asked quite often how to change it, so I wanted something to point to lol.

Most people coming over don’t actually know how to navigate plasma panels and especially now since it changed with KDE six there are no guides for it lol. I wanted something I could link and be lazy and not have to repeat lol.

I was thinking napalm it.

Burn, baby, burn.


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