How to make an application run at startup with minimized

Hlw experts. I know how to put an application auto start after login by settings application under auto start option. But could you tell how to make that auto startup application minimized automatically after login. I used Corectrl and qBitTorrent. Everytime I login I saw messy desktop with that start application window.

Is it possible to make startup application auto minimized. Thanks for your attention.

I'm not sure this could be a viable solution and I've never used it, but I think you could define a relevant property in the "Window Rules" (in System Settings).
I see there is a property "Minimized".
Probably this would apply also when you start them manually, but in the end, you won't need to start manually an app if it is started automatically at startup...
I don't know how the "Window matching" works, but it doesn't look complicated...


You can simply make a script and in script, first write application to open, and then use xdotool to minimize it. Then, you can autorun it on boot.

(You have to install xdotool before)

xdotool windowminimize $(xdotool getactivewindow)

i did this. But rather than i found another tool called xdo. where i do

xdo hide -N Corectrl

and it worked for me. :slight_smile:

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Now all i need to make a bash script to run right?

I think so.


Did you run that scripts with systemd? If so. Should i install systemd or not. Or is it already installed by default?

You had to write just two lines in basic shell script. That's all. And then, select run script on startup, from KDE settings.


Although in Linux you can do anything, finding the right tool/way, the normal route for your request is to ask this from each application's developer.
Several applications provide this functionality in their settings. Users' preferences are too many :smile:


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