How to make a local gui server


I don't want to spend more amount on electronics. Now a days every computing products go worse these day, don't even support free software. Atleast built PC are compatible to run free software.
Spending 1 time is better than spending 10 times.
So I decided to build a server that I relie in my life time.


  • A high-end upgradeable PC
  • Less pricy good laptop (8 to 16 GB RAM)
  • Linux supported smartphone (worst case rooted Android with VNC)


  • Best core and graphics that handles workloads and over 64 GB RAM or more


  • Costing Between 500$ to 1000$ [₹40,000 to ₹77,000]


  • I want to make a local gui server using Linux, any distro or anything is ok
  • I want the server to run without internet (over short distance offcourse, sharing display wireless or in the worst case wired)
  • If possible share components through Bluetooth or something like that


  • Set a PC server and operating it from home or outside
  • Also using Laptop & Android device [VNC] to control PC
  • For long distance using SSH

Does above idea works fine ? Any suggestions please :blush:

Offline screen sharing


I think you are going to have to clarify what you mean by "gui server". What specific services and functions do you want this server to provide?


I want use my laptop or other device to control my PC
All the operations on PC must be done through remote device
Like I want to edit video in PC using remote devices
I also want to use pc to play game but using a remote device

You can use something like nomachine to control the remote machine.

That being said, remote gaming isn't going to be a lot of fun unless you are playing solitaire.


I wonder how gaming servers work ?
I'm finding alternatives for Microsoft 365 cloud
Atleast It should perform video editing

To broaden the spectrum of possibilities (and start reading):
Maybe also this table could be a good reading :slight_smile: :


I have a FreedomBox I set up last year, it's great and is a super easy introduction to running a small self-hosted server. There are apps you install in a GUI web interface (Syncthing, Wireguard, Searx, SOCKS or Tor proxy, email server, media server) and the web server self-deploys so it's really easy to get started. You can run it headless if you want, low-resource machines are fine. You can install it on any Debian box. Check it out!


I recommend that you use the tool apache guacamole so you can use the computer from any device just using a browser either from the browser from your cell phone or from any machine.

A hack I learned is that with Apache Guacamole I made my own Windows365, installing on a windows server and with Apache Guacamole I was manipulating it from my cell phone.

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