How to keep /home at install?

Hello all. I have experience with several arch-based distros , but am new to Garuda. I can choose the.partition to install the latest MATE, but I see no option to mount and not format my existing /home partition? This is usually obvious in calamares. Am I missing something, or is there a work around? Many thanks!

If I recall correctly, there should be the options "install in free space", "replace partition" and "manual partitioning" or something to that effect. Make sure not to use the whole drive.

See if this other thread helps. Backup important stuff to be safe. Beware some of the existing configuration files may not work out of the box (different paths, different package versions) and if you choose to mount the existing home in the installer, I guess configuration files will be overwritten.

The way I did it (which I think is safer) was to remove the old root partition, install in the free space (no manual partitioning), then copy stuff over and switch to the other partition in /etc/fstab.
This way nothing will be overwritten.

Ask for clarifications if unsure.