How to install Windows on second SSD

hi guys!

I use Garuda as my daily driver OS and love it a lot. however for some things I need to test with Windows.

I have two SSDs and identified them with KDE partition manager

  1. Garuda is on the 2TB ssd - /dev/nvme0n1
  2. 1 TB ssd /dev/sda

I have a bootable usb with the windows iso file on it

currently if I go into UEFI settings and boot from the usb drive and attempt to install, the windows installation comes up but there is no driver for it to choose from to install on.

on a whim I tried installing Ubuntu onto the second SSD but get a "load the kernel first" error.

Is this something wrong with the second SSD which is pretty much new?

any how to guidance on installing Windows onto a second SSD when Garuda is your primary is appreciated!

Have you tried unplugging the SSD with Garuda on it?

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