How to install vs code in garuda linux?

I installed visual studio code but it is an OSS version and there aren't many extensions. So can you tell me how to install the usual version of the VS code and also tell me how to uninstall the OSS version of VS Code?

I am interested to know what you figure to be missing? As far as I know, the are 3 versions out there - VSCode (with Microsoft specific tweaks (and licensing) and phone-home capabilities) - Code-OSS (without tweaks, and with settings to allow or disallow phone home) - and vscodium, with phone home (etc) eliminated. You could also build your own, I guess, if your use case demanded it - the OSS version can be configured for alternative builds....

As for extensions - they can be added as required - or even created as required - from within the program.

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I know there are 3 versions but I am not an Advance programmer so I don't know how to create my own extensions So I was hoping to download VSCode with extensions that are provided by Microsoft like c/c++.

sudo pacman -S visual-studio-code-bin


thankyou it worked :grin:


There are a LOT of extensions that can be accessed from WITHIN any version. On the left edge, (an icon of 3 squares with a fourth just away from the other) is access to the extensions universe - when you select it, you can then search the 'marketplace' for what you want... (as well as manage what you have). Could save some time for others :grin:


I made the switch to vscodium-git lately after I realized its very easy to install the extensions. Can recommend this to everyone, no need for the proprietary stuff :slight_smile:


Lack of attention sucks. I had read Arch's wiki page on the subject a couple of times, but still failed to understand I needed to use visual-studio-code-bin to get the desired version.

I tried to use OSS, but despite having the "Turn On Cloud Changes" it wouldn't show up anything - no integrations, no login request, nothing. A few of the extensions I mostly use weren't working either, like Remote SSH.

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