How to install packages using pip

Dear experts,

Could you please let me know how to install packages using pip ?
if i install uproot (GitHub - scikit-hep/uproot4: ROOT I/O in pure Python and NumPy.)
i get this

pip install uproot awkward
pip may be found in the following packages:
  extra/python-pip 20.3.1-1             /usr/bin/pip
  chaotic-aur/azure-cli 2.18.0-1        /opt/azure-cli/bin/pip
  chaotic-aur/buttermanager 2.2-1       /opt/buttermanager/env/bin/pip
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Well, its time to interpret that message correctly - a handy feature of the shell is telling you which package is needed for a particular command. In this case this means you would have to install python-pip
After that you can pip install. No need for setting up PATH if fish is used, itll work right away :slight_smile:

Also welcome to the forum :grin:


Thank you for your reply.
It works fine now :slight_smile:


Generally, using the inbuilt package manager is the preferred method of package installation. Not using the proper Garuda package manager Pacman/Pamac/Yay etc will likely lead to problems down the road.

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