How to install OBS multi rtmp plugin

hello I'm trying to install this OBS plugin

the plugin comes in several formats from windows to debian but does not have arch linux. My OBS is the correct corresponding version I just have no idea how to install the plugin.

I used debtap on the debian package and got a pkg.tar.zst file
used pacman to install the pkg.tar.zst file
it installs successfully but when I open OBS the plugin is nowhere to be found.

There is a package in the AUR:

paru obs-multi-rtmp

Although there are some issues reported in comments:
Just try...


thanks for this! unfortunately the AUR has an old version of obs-multi-rtmp and I am getting the issues reported in comments. anyway I can install from source or debian?

In my opinion, the best thing would be to git clone, make and install manually, without a helper like paru or yay, but rather following:
After git clone and before make you could change the PKGBUILD to point to the latest release, or the one of your interest.


I downloaded the source files and manually placed the plugin files into my obs-plugins folder and it worked perfectly

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