How to Install Mac os kvm

Hi, I want to know How to offline install Mac os kvm. I want to run Mac sierra so I decided to run Mac os kvm or osx kvm . I found many solution on github and Google but in each of them, after making ISO and base system images, I run it and install it I need to make disk then reinstall option. But when choose reinstall option I open the terminal on Mac and I saw it was installing base system images after 1hr when it was done it just Stuck there don't work. On all github kvm this same thing happens. I did all steps on github but it didn't work.
I want to know How can I Skip this reinstall or fix it

Why would a being capable of creating the cosmos need to request assistance with such inconsequential human trivialities?

Oh, and by the way @GOD, just in case you are unaware this is not a MAC support forum.