How to install Gnome Ultimate

No, didn't tried kde

Kde lite loading got stopped when i loged in for installation


I have a same problem with no boot after first-install. (gnome ultimate)

i opened a tty.
and I looked in the logs, so far I haven't found anything in particular.

but in the Xorg log i have :

so I launched a startx for test, and the desktop arrived ... :slight_smile:

This does not solve the problem in my case.

but it allows to advance a little on the subject.

I will continue to search in the log (gnome, gdm and other)

do you have an idea ?

Have a good day

ps: my hardware, aero17hdr with i7 10875h, intel UHD/Nvidia 2070Super Max-Q with optimus, driver is mwhd hybrid intel/nvidia