How to install Gnome desktop

I am currently using Garuda Ultimate with the KDE Plasma Desktop. However i also want to install the Gnome desktop. Is there a way to install the Gnome desktop in such a way that it comes with pre-configured with Garuda settings in the same way that they configured the Plasma desktop?

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If you mean with the welcome screen and all the options within then yes. :wink:

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If you want to switch to GNOME you can install garuda-gnome-settings instead of the kde settings package and install GNOME and its packages by looking at the packagelist at GitLab* for example.

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I think you need to clarify your question a little bit. Are you wanting to install both Gnome and KDE in the same home directory (and same partition).

I personally feel you should not mix'n match different desktops unless you know what your doing. At the minimum you should install a different desktop to a different user account.

Unless you are very familiar with troubleshooting your own issues this can become a problem., not only for yourself, but also for others attempting to provide support on the forum.

If you do install multiple desktops be sure in the future to make this clear up front on any help request as if you don't this can lead to a major waste of time.

I personally think those having to ask these types of questions should steer clear of installing multiple desktops. For those who know how to manage installing multiple OS's and desktops on the same drive it can be fairly problem free.

Unfortunately, for those that are not already familiar with these types of installations this often turns into a black hole for forum support time.

My personal opinion is keep different desktops and OS's as far separated as possible. I strive to always install each independently to different drives (but that's just me).

Do as you please on your own system, but please don't then dump any mess you created on the forum support staff. Basically, if you want to run a non-standard installation then my feeling on the matter is "you broke it, you fix it".


If you still want to try it, at least create a different user - ensuring that all the correct groups and permissions are available - and in THAT user's /home, go ahead with the other setup. Not sure how to advise the switching though - I subscribe to the theory of keeping it all separated :grin: