How to install firestorm for second life?

does anyone have any idea how i can install second life on garuda?

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❯ paru firestorm
6 aur/rcf 201709040548-1 [+0 ~0.00] [Orphaned]
    Red Crucible®: Firestorm - Free to play online FPS
5 aur/firestorm-next-bin [+1 ~0.35]
    [PRE-RELEASE] Firestorm is a feature-packed third-party viewer for Second Life. This is
    the *alpha* release that currently features PBR support. **USE AT YOUR OWN RISK**
4 aur/firestorm-git [+1 ~0.00]
    A third-party viewer for Second Life (TM) and OpenSim grids (git version)
3 aur/tiberiansun 2.03-2 [+2 ~0.00]
    Freeware release of Westwood's classic C&C: Tiberian Sun, with Firestorm Expansion (uses
2 aur/firestorm-bin [+62 ~0.26]
    Firestorm is a feature-packed third-party viewer for Second Life.
1 aur/firestorm [+20 ~0.00] [Out-of-date: 2023-11-29]
    An open source 3D browser for Second Life & OpenSIM metaverse.

firestorm-bin might be a good choice to start with if you don’t need a specific version.


okay is there any way you could walk me thru the entire step process i have tried to download and extract in arc from the firetstorm site but i feel so lost

Is this unclear? All you need to do is open the terminal and run the command garuda-inxi to get this output. Then paste it into the thread and format it as a code block.

paru -S firestorm-bin

Choose the defaults for the dependencies if you don’t know what to pick.

After reviewing the PKGBUILD, press Q to proceed with the installation.


okay i have done that how do i install it?

Post garuda-inxi, please.
Use the first post.

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