How to Install executable files on Garuda?

This is a program that I want to install in order to make games. The file is '.exe', however, it is intended for Linux, not Windows.

I read from two articles that I need to use something called 'Wire', but in order to obtain that I need to type in a code, however, the console codes seem to be different for Garuda, than as they are for Ubunutu, which is currently the top Linux OS.

So, how do I do this?

When I download the Linux version it doesn't have an exe inside of it. It has a 64-bit Linux ELF executable. Are you sure you downloaded the correct file?

Specifically, I downloaded this one:


It is the same file. I got an error that says it cannot run file/x-executable. I guess I just assumed it was '.exe', as I did come across other programs intended for Linux that are '.exe'.

After a couple of retries, the error stopped showing and I was able to run the program. Weird. :confused:

Hmm.. it might have been related to the permission to execute the program (just some random guess). In my case it asked for permission to execute & after granting the permission , it ran smoothly.
Well in the end you ran the Godot successfully so :+1:

How did you tried to run the program?

From command line or from a file manager?

File's media types aka mimetypes are handled by external programs and the datase can update by installing another program.


Wow. That took a long time to download. So I was…
Waiting for Godot.

Anyway, the Godot engine is in the community repository (the latest beta is in the chaotic-AUR). You'll probably want to use that instead and let pacman handle any dependencies, etc.

sudo pacman -S godot

It's Wire Wine.

Why installing Windows version of it when official Linux version is also available by the devs?

Anyways, as an answer to this topic, to install a .exe file, you need to have Wine installed. The easiest way in Garuda is to install it from Garuda Gamer.


Install wine
Wine Installation and Configuration - WineHQ Wiki

I just opened the file by clicking on it.

Thank you for the help everyone. :v:t2:

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