How to install drivers for a TL-WN821N V5 network card?

Hello, I have a problem with installing the drivers for TL-WN821N V5 network adapter. If anyone knows how to install drivers, please help.

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First of all, please provide your output of


as text enclosed in ~~~ here.

Also, here's official drivers from manufacturer. Have you tried those drivers?


I would personally not recommended installing the manufacturer's drivers.

There are five or perhaps six different versions of this adapter now. The chip inside is what we need to know, as the chip is often changed. The chip inside dictates which driver is required. Without your garuda-inxi output being posted we can only speculate as to your required driver.

The version 5 of this adapter will likely require the rtl88x2bu-dkms-git driver which is in the AUR or also the Chaotic AUR, (I believe). Of course, without your specs we really can't say definitively.

Please post your garuda-inxi if you want more help.