How to install Cloudflare Warp Client on Garuda (Arch Linux)

Hi everyone...

I used Cloudflare Warp client for DNS, also it worked as a VPN for me.
On their website client installation for linux is listed, but only for unbuntu, fedora...
I also searched on snap and pacman but can't find it.
Is there a way to get it on Arch linux?

Please assist...

With a quick internet search I found this one (I've no experience on this, just a search).
Maybe it will help.


What about the AUR package? AUR (en) - cloudflare-warp-bin


@jonathon I'm assuming with that no need for the tutorial in @filo's post?

@imrtls00 does this also cover the IPV6 DNS, cause I already change both IPV4 and IPV6 DNS numbers to the CloudFlare numbers.


I think that most definitely the aur package is preferrable.
I'm not on Garuda ATM and was too lazy to scroll down the search list :wink:.
So strange that the aur package didn't show up as first hit, as it often happens to me :blush:


I personally prefer ADGuard DNS which is also recommended in and also available via Garuda Assistant by default. It's just personal preference, depending on trust, which may be different for you. Also, CloudFlare doesn't block spying ads like AdGuard does (afaik, corrections are welcome). To be noted, in general, it is better to avoid -bin packages amap, especially if they are proprietary, you may just don't know what happens behind the scenes.


Found this a good read.


I followed this tutorial and everything worked fine...
Connection established and then nothing works.
To disconnect from network, status bar doesn't work, you have to go to network settings and delete the connection.

Yes it changes IPV4 and IPV6 in MS-Windows and Android client...
But no information for linux, as I'm currently trying to install this.
Also if you changed just the DNS it will only route your traffic through cloudflare without changing IP address.
But in windows I used this client with warp it changes the IP address.

(I'm bad at explaining things, hope this makes sense... :sweat_smile:)

I installed the AUR package but how to run it?
I searched on internet, on arch wiki it tells to clone and make the package, but as I installed it through Package manager (GUI) so I hope it cloned and did all the necessary things.

Is there any terminal command to run it?
Please assist...

The topic asked about how to install the software. There should be some documentation available on its use available from Cloudflare - have you checked?


Yeah I heared about this, but does it change the IP address or act like VPN?

Looks to me @jonathon provided the solution to your original question, so I marked it as such.

Careful now, you've already mentioned Windows twice in the same post. Third time the clock strikes midnight and the thread gets closed. :rofl:


Oh, you want VPN... Then No. AdGuard DNS doesn't give VPN, AdGuard VPN is provided differently.

Before, I was using VPNs a lot and was thinking like switching off VPN is something very dangerous, but after reading this great and very well explained article, I'm just fine with a good browser (FireDragon) and a good DNS (AdGuard, Quad9, etc.) and after-all a good os (Garuda) and switch on VPN only when I need to switch to a country, or visit a scamming website to scam them, etc. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


What, is it against any rule to mention w1nd0w?
Or it was a joke :sweat_smile: :joy:

That was simply my twisted humour. However you do need to be careful because on the third instance you could turn into a pumpkin. :crazy_face: :rofl:


My bad,

Also after connecting, terminal shows success. But I can't load any website I checked, keeps loading.
When I disconnect the warp client everything works.

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