How to install app/game on second hard drive

Hi, I'm new to Linux and want to learn about it. I install KDE plasma on my SSD and not changing anything while installing. after installation complete and everything runs perfectly I just realize that I only had a few GB left and I cant install several steams game I have. how do I install any other app or game on my second HDD instead of SSD?

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Whenever you install a game via Steam, it asks:

Chose location for install:

Select the location where you want to install there.

My second HDD does not show up as an option

you need do add first a new steam libery on u second hdd .

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can you point me to a guide on how to do that? it only shows the "/" folder on my account

Make a folder Steam on u second HDD
click on add library folder then go to the location where u second hdd is mounted and add that stema folder .. in my case its on /mnt/SteamFast
u can check u mount point with gparted

thanks, I follow the tutorial from this video How to Install Steam Games to an External or Second Hard Disk Drive in Ubuntu Linux - YouTube and it works! even though it says for ubuntu but works fine on garuda too.
Now I have another question, does my game backup file from windows work if I import it, or do I need to download my game again from steam?

You need to reinstall games again.
because Windows and Linux has different file system.
In terms of save data, you can use cloud sync via steam client.
If you still can access to Windows machine, I recommend you to upload save data for the cloud.

Thank you very much for the help, thats all i need to know for.