How to install alien and use it to convert .deb and .rpm packages to arch package and install them in Garuda Linux


It seems like I am facing some problem installing some of the packages available only for debian/rpm based distros on Garuda. I have tried converting them into .tar files using alien. The --install option in alien failed in some cases so it seems that I will have to build and install them manually. I am searching for a way to do that. This distribution is awesome and I have decided to use this for the rest of my life for the same reason. Also, being an Indian, I like to use Indian Linux Distros and Garuda is the best one out there.

One of the programs that I need is Cisco Packet Tracer. It is available only for debian, but previously I have installed it in Fedora using the .deb file and alien.

packettracer in AUR doesn't work for you? Ahhh, shoot, sorry, i was using a different machine, and i cannot see it in chaoitc-aur, but it is in personally i would download snapshot from AUR (en) - packettracer then build locally using makepkg -si


Hey @Gavin . Thanks a lot. I completely forgot about AUR. Well found it. It's working fine. Used arch long back so I totally forgot about AUR. I only searched it in using pacman and couldn't find it. In the internet, I didn't get this solution as I searched for ways to convert the debian files using alien.

Thanks a lot ..............

I always use 'debtap' which takes the .deb package and creates the arch package and use Octopi (although I think Bauh package mgr will also work) to install.


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