How to install a different Desktop Environment?

Im using currently Garuda Dragonized Gaming edition KDE, but i want to change to Xfce environment. How do i install it? or do i need to uninstall Garuda Dragonized and install the Xfce version? if i need to reinstall, can i somehow backup my data from the dragonized edition and restore it on the Xfce version?

Sorry, im new to Linux so be kind :wink:

First of all, make a new user and log into it. It will preserve your existing home user directory.

Then, see Archwiki

Then, think once more. Do it only if you have enough time, and backup your data.

Finally install XFCE, as you saw in Archwiki, and reboot. On login screen, choose user and session as xfce.

Further, if you want to get Garuda-xfce-settings, you have to remove Garuda-dr460nized-settings and then you can install it. (Be sure you are on correct user)

Better way out, reinstall with XFCE version


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