How to instal UniFi?

hello ppl :slight_smile: how are you :slight_smile: anw..
i have difficulities on installing garuda linux based unifi controller , is there any tutorial to help me ? please dont advise me with wine :frowning: thanks <3

The internet is a big deal!

Enter unifi controller tutorial in the search engine of your choice.


hmm isnt that for debian? i`ve tried with that file unifi_sysvinit_all.deb which i download from that website also try to run but shown sudo: dpkg: command not found

Sorry, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.
To make .deb packages attractive to architects, you have to bribe the structural engineer. But that’s another topic.

Seriously, one of the myriad of tutorials available on the web could help answer your question.

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Before we go too far, what exactly do you mean by this?

As far as I know, there is no “Garuda Linux-based UniFi controller”, so what are you trying to do?

On the other hand, if sunda has correctly guessed what you’re trying to do then you should be looking at the AUR package.

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oh hello jon, yes im also using AUR package and still have problem with instal. there is issue with mongodb

Issues must be send to the devs of the software. :slight_smile:


I move it to unsupported software.


oh unsupported. thanks anw :slight_smile: the best way to do is wait and try instal in other OS 1st. thanks

Apart from the fact that you don't give any concrete hints (logs, terminal outputs), do you expect the volunteers in an operating system forum to help you with every possible software in this world?


What is the point of answering the question with "I'm not going to answer the question?" If you don't want to answer it, don't answer it.

By suggesting that you search for a particular thing, you have ranked this page as a result for that exact thing. People who now search for a tutorial using a search engine will now find your useless and condescending posts.

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