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I use a 60Mbps network. its very fast when i use it to upgrade the computer using sudo pacman speed drops to a staggering low of 3Mbps. But when i use my mobile hotspot it generally averages around 8-10Mbps considering my mobile connection. can anyone explain me whats going on here

Without any specific system details I can only give you a non-specific answer:

Arch Linux How to improve wifi speed - Google Search..

Lots of reading there.

Check the Garuda Wiki section on reporting bugs for directions on supplying the required system specs.


Are you sure this is actually a "wifi" issue?

Have you tried with an Ethernet cable?

Have you updated your mirror list to use mirrors that are faster and/or closer to you?


What i want to say is there is a lot of difference in download speed when i use to browse and when i want to upgrade. When i use youtube browser the internet speed to good but when i use sudo pacman -Su this is where the trouble emanates. for each update download it takes hours . is there a bandwidth limitation or some issue elsewhere.
i didnt update my mirror list. will definitely look into that.

Doesn't this depend on the servers, not the client?

Have you tested the speed of download server(s) vs. any old website?

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I don't know much idea about it.
i didnt test speeds of any server

That is all because of the speeds you negotiated with your ISP.

Garuda and/or Arch are not your ISP.

Because you haven't used reflector-simple to sort the available mirrors (by speed, the default).


Highly recommended. Like pulling your ripcord when skydiving is highly recommended. :wink:


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You should update your mirrorlist to get fastest mirrors.
Though it is already written in, I still have to post it

sudo reflector --latest 5 --age 2 --fastest 5 --protocol https --sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist && cat /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist && sudo pacman -Syu

I hope this solves your problem.


yeah all of the speeds are negotiated by isp. i want to know the reason why the upgrade speeds are low.


Navigate to /etc/pacman.d/
and edit chaotic-mirrorlist with text editor.
unflag all servers not close to your country and Save it.

I live in Hungary and USA, Canada, Korea, Singapore are far far away.

# Toronto, Canada
# By freebird54
Put # HERE! -> #Server =$repo/$arch 

Because your connection to the mirror is slow.

The Internet is a series of tubes, you know.


If download mirrors near you are slow or servers are too far, try using german mirrors. It helped for me when russian servers for some unknown reason just lost their speeds


I have experienced this as well. However in my case it was my broadband vs my cousin's broadband. I got excellent and consistent speeds on my cousin's broadband when installing and updating Endeavor OS while on my own broadband it took less time on ArcoLinux and ofc vice versa. It really depends on your mirrors and how the topology is from the servers to your pc. Keep in mind I had setup mirrors for both to use the best ones I know and have always used.

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