How to hide code during boot

During initial boot some code is shown like
Booting garuda
Loading Linux zen kernel
Is there any way to hide all these ?
I want to see garuda logo and all processes are hidden , i want to see GUI , something written on black screen not looks good
I want to see garuda logo and everything needed to load the os runs in background

Like mac os when pressed boot button it shows Apple logo and all process is running in background only Apple logo is seen

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What else is shown? This is important information in case one uses multiple kernels.

Linux is a transparent operating system. It let’s you know what’s going on. If you want the Apple logo use macOS.


What does your investigation find? Have you done a forum, Google, or other search?

But I don't want to see it is not necessary for me
If os not is not booting properly then I can enable this
I was giving example of Mac that only Apple logo is shown same in Ubuntu no commands are shown
I have switched to garuda because I like it so much it looks so beautiful
And I am curious to know about this topic so that it can become more better for me

I think you are asking me if I Google this topic then yes I Google it it shows how to change boot logo of Linux but I don't want to change
can't find accurate answer so I posted here

You can suppress some parts but not all, and you can change the delay but, generally, the answer is no.


If suppress is only way then I will not do this
Can I hide it from showing



Ok I understand answer is no
Btw thanks

We actually had plymouth in live medium earlier.

But we removed it recently because a lot of people had issue and couldn't see logs if live media hangs or simply due to lack of knowledge.
So, we thought that it would be nice idea, because you don't boot live media daily (generally).

Btw, I some other distros also do the same (like Fedora)


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