How to gracefully terminate build process?

Hi there, I have accidentally started a very time consuming and unnecessary build process using the Add/Remove Software app on Garuda Gnome. I was actually meant to install the binary for Brave Browser and not build it from scratch (entirely my fault).

My question: how to gracefully stop the process and clean up the disk (gigabytes of build files)?
I cancelled the process twice but the next time I update the system the build process continues again automatically.

Thank you for your help.

I know you don't want to hear it - but that's why I (at most) browse with a GUI....

btw - brave-bin is in the chaotic-aur repo...

Smile! Someone who builds more should be along...


Remove the package you mistakenly installed.

I would do but I can't stop the build process and until that is done (which may take days!) I can't uninstall it.


killall pamac-manager

Im not sure where Pamac stores its cached files, probably somewhere in ~/.cache. Have a look and delete eventual leftovers :thinking:


Thanks for the suggestion. Killed it and deleted all the build files from /var/tmp/pamac-build-username. All good now.


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