How to get the standard KDE dock back

I wanna screw araound a bit but dont know how to get the standard kde dock back.

Garuda assistant reset default config button flagging latte.
But above all, a quick forum search.....

Welcome, anyway :wink:


i meant to remove the latte dock and get the default kde dock
well not remove latte from the system but get the kde dock back

Maybe you could try removing latte from autostart, exit It and create a new panel


yeah ill screw around a bit more, maybe get it back

omfg sometime just feel like a real rta**
lol just right click on the desktop -> add panel -> default panel

That's exactly what i meant above.
The normal way to create a panel in KDE... :smiley:


yeah lol it did not register with me :rofl: tnx for the help :+1:

We always mark here the solution and not the implementation :wink:


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