How to get some new official garuda linux wallpaers?

I saw that different flavours of garuda linux has different pack of wallpapers, how can I get those wallpapers ? and also in "Configure Desktop and wallpaper " option, "Get New Wallpaper" option isn't working.

Here are the common ones.


Ill drop this here:

λ pacman -Ss garuda | rg wallpaper
chaotic-aur/garuda-wallpapers r53.0c098b8-1 [installed]
wallpaper collection
chaotic-aur/garuda-wallpapers-2021 r6.9d20a0c-1
chaotic-aur/garuda-wallpapers-extra r7.ab0023d-1
extra wallpaper collection

where did it got saved , I can't find it

Wallpapers are usually placed in /usr/share/wallpapers, a Garuda folder can be found there :blush:


Heyy I want ask something but this is out of this topic. I was going to the directory you told me , /usr/share but here I found a folder named "mesa-demos" , in this folder there are some random pictures which I have never seen before (I installed Garuda on my pc last night) and some girl's pictures also there, can u tell how this came there ?

Thats part of the mesa-demos package, used for testing different scenarios requiring mesa :grimacing:

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