How to get list of all installed packs by me

Hi folks,
So i finally got comfy enough with Arch linux (thanks for helping tools from garuda) and now i want to move to vanilla arch and i wanted to get a list of all installed packages. not by the system (like garuda's helping packages) but packages installed by myself so i can easily reinstall them when i move to vanilla arch so is there a way to do that? (i'm aware of pacman -Qe but it does not really help.

Another question, i like the bash prompt and i wanted to know how did you guys made it?
and when i be inside git folder it changes to tell me stuff about the repo so how to do the same in vanilla arch

Thanks in advance and thanks for making arch linux newbie friendly

Mighty Arch wiki has a page where exactly this use case is described :wink:


That's fish btw not bash, u can get its config on gitlab repo of garuda Linux
And I suggest you to use archfi while installing arch if u r not sure about packages to install

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I don't think there is a command or option for that (or at least I'm not aware of it).
Personally I'd:

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pacman -Qqe > pkglist.txt
pacman -S --needed - < pkglist.txt

From the first search result from the previously shown screen. It's all there :slight_smile:


Now I'm aware of the how-to :slight_smile:

i do not want "all" i want the ones installed by me

it's bash? because i closed fish

Dependencies of the explicitly installed packages will be listed as well which shouldn't be a problem however - these will be installed anyways. The --needed option makes sure already installed packages aren't installed again. Result = the same as doing pacman -S explicitly installed packages :eyes:


you can always check cat /var/log/pacman.log | rg installed and see which ones you installed after installation


Another question, i like the bash prompt and i wanted to know how did you guys made it?

The prompt is from starship. Install it, copy the ~/.config/starship.toml from garuda, and add
eval "$(starship init bash)"
to your bashrc and you should be good.

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