How to get Full search functionality in "save file" dialog box in Firefox

I had posted this earlier to reddit:

I moved from Linux Mint to Garuda and everything is running fine except that Nautilus isn't showing subfolders(and is only showing folders) when I type something while trying to save a file from Firefox.

Nautilus File manager(my default fm) shows both folders and sub-folders with the same name when using normally however.

I am using the same version of Firefox with the same addons.

I have dug a bit and found that this has to do with the dialog box manager than OS etc.

I found that the latest Solus OS and Debian LxQt has this so will re-installing Garuda(I am now using Dragonized Plasma) with either DE help?

Or will tweaking something in the GTK File Chooser help?

I am sorry if this seems a trivial issue but I really need this feature,which is the only one missing from my current Garuda experience with is otherwise perfect!

Thank you Garuda Devs!

See if this is what you want


Thanks for the quick reply I will try this and get back to you!

I tried it and it just gives me a KDE Dialog instead of GTK but my primary purpose of being able to search subfolders in the save dialog box isn't being solved.

I even tried Garuda LXQT and that didn't help,anyone has an idead how to fix this?

KDE/Firefox devs?

tbg support work fine here.

I know this is not really a Garuda problem but since you guys know linux well I thought I should ask you so thanks for replying.

I didn't understand what TBG is?

Basically I want to be able to type 'apple' in the file save dialog box and it should show me all folders,subfolders with that word in its name in the Downloads directory.

Solus with Budgie has this but I tried EndeavourOS with Budgie(as there is no Garuda Budgie) and it didn't work!

tbg is a Garuda team member :slight_smile: in the link from librewish and I do not wont to ping him with @ tbg :slight_smile:


This means it's a patch from those distros.
AFAIK this is not possible in KDE.
I suggest you ask at those distros support and fetch some instructions of how we can apply this feature.


Thanks for the reply I am reading this thread now.It has many details for those interested

Edit:Asked the guys at Solus here

Can you have a last look?

This is the reply I got from the Solus team:

The file picker comes from GTK itself. You would need to get the patch from AUR, add it to the source of our libgtk-3 from our development tracker (linked in the sidebar), grab the build tooling (docs on our Help Center), and compile it. You would need to rebuild and re-apply your patch whenever I update GTK though. I try to keep our libgtk-3 as close to stock as possible aside from fixes they refuse to backport and support for statelessness.

Can I achieve this using Gnome Tweak Tool in Garuda Gnome?

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Very highly unlikely. You must compile your own kernel integrating the patch. Way too much effort IMO, for the minor convenience it might bring as it's not a one time job.