How to format USB flash drives for use with regular users

I formatted my flash driver with the partition tool to f2fs but now I can't write files to it. The workaround has been install Gnome Disk Utility but I want to find another better solution that doesn't include installing a GTK app. I'm on KDE. The partition is mounted at /run/media/pyro/DOCS

Might be because of permissions, this happened to me with BTRFS. Owning it (the folder on which the drive is mounted) may work. Disks does this automatically out of the box, but unfortunately there's no replacement for it or I don't know any yet. There are tools like Mintstick which work well but I haven't found such a tool that perfectly fits to KDE.



sudo chown pyro /run/media/pyro/DOCS

Should work


I switched the solution to @SameExpert as they were the one who suggested owning the drive contents first. The OP should have been able to search that suggestion themself and not have needed the command to be spoon fed for a solution.

Thanks to both @SameExpert and @zoeruda for their solutions.


As far as I know, all newly formatted Linux file systems are write protected and owned by root.

The exception to this would be the Windows file system NTFS (& FAT), which you can write into right away.

Changing permissions on:


Would be advised if you want to be able to write files and create folders on the entire disk/USB device.

From /run/media/ you would run the terminal command:

sudo chown -R "username" pyro

" -R " tells chown to change the ownership of ALL files AND sub-folders in pyro.

If you're sharing files with others on the same computer, you may wish to change the GROUP the files are accessible by.

sudo chgrp -R "groupname (eg: users)" pyro

That would change the group pyro is in to "users", or to whichever group you want pyro to be in.

For Future Reference:

(1) File permissions and attributes - Arch Wiki

(2) chown (1) - Arch manual pages

(3) chgrp (1) - Arch manual pages

Best wishes! @binarydepth


This is the opposite of what we understand by spoon feeding but nicely done and meant. :slight_smile:
I don't mean this in a bad way or disapprove of your contribution but it doesn't help anyone in the long run in this forum to repeat over and over again the knowledge that is already available on the internet.

Although I post it over and over again, nobody reads it :wink:


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