How to fix Gnome stuck issue after 2 boot

=>Dual boot UEFI
=>80GB alloted (500mb Efi,5gb swap,/)
=>Started on first boot using libgdm>upgraded full system
After boot with lts kernel boot screen does not showed up
=>Ctrl+Alt+f2 not working with lts

=>Giving terminal access with zen only

=>Startx is working (everytime have to do it)

Try replacing gdm-prime with vanilla gdm, it was causing issues (aka not starting) so we removed it :slight_smile:

How can i do that

What command should i give.
I only know how to do it in Ubuntu
Dont know about arch

Could you give me some steps

Okay if you are new to Arch you should get comfortable with Pacman, our package manager.
Its simple and effective once you get the hang of it :wink:

It should be as easy as:

sudo pacman -R gdm-prime


sudo pacman -S gdm

(Or you do pacman -S gdm only, pacman will ask you if its okay to replace gdm-prime with gdm)

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I've already removed gdm-prime. And I'm on gdm

Did this

sudo pacman -Sy gdm libgdm

systemctl enable gdm --force

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@librewish any idea? :thinking:

Our new version is out soon (today) it might have fixed this issue

Here's my hardware
Might be helpful in troubleshooting

Okay try this

sudo pacman -S gdm libgdm
systemctl enable gdm --force

Nothing! Same result

Well wait sometime today will be new iso available

It will have those issue fixed


Well is this that one?


Will have latest iso


At what time it's going to get uploaded approximately?

Wrong topic.

If nothing comes in between, today, but we are not clairvoyants, if the internet or the power goes down it can be later. :slight_smile:
STOP-Dev-sgs-50 :smiley:

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