How to erase the doodles from screen

So I was using Garuda-Linux and found out something really useful and that was to draw on screen (super key + shift key) which makes my mouse pointer turn into a pen which can draw on screen. But I don't know how to erase it now after doodling.
Lemme know how to erase these doodles ?

Uhhhh, Whitch de?



what are you asking ??

What desktop did you download?

uhh, you mean by Desktop Environment
Garuda KDE dragonized blackarch

I am presuming that you're using KDE and have enabled the Mouse Mark in the KDE Settings > Desktop Effects > Mouse Mark

The default shortcuts are Meta+Shift+F11 to clear all mouse mark(s) and Meta+Shift+F12 to clear the last mouse mark

You can configure a custom shortcut to remove clear the screen
(To get the dialog box, click on the settings icon on the extreme right of the Mouse Mark option)


Thank you so much it worked.

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