How to enable more Virtual Consoles for another Xorg session

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Is it possible to enable another virtual console, like TTY2, for a second Xorg session?

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Hi @GarCom, you can switch between virtual consoles by pressing Ctrl+Alt+ the F keys (F1-F12). Depending on your DE, different ones will be available by default but those keybindings are pretty standard.

Hi @BluishHumility ,

Oh, yes! But, in Garuda, the rest of VT are text consoles with no Xorg enabled.

How can I enable a second VT of the Xorg session in boot time?

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You may be able to start additional Xorg sessions manually from the TTY with startx -- :1, startx -- :2, and so on as described here: x11 - Running more than one console X session with startx at the same time - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Or xinit -- :1, xinit -- :2, etc as described here: [Solved] Multiple instances of X on different Virtual terminals with? / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums

Then launch the DE manually as well (for example, startplasma-x11, or whatever command is appropriate for whatever your DE is).


Hi @BluishHumility ,

Yes, I know startx and xinit ways, but I ask for have 2 Xorg sessions at boot time, like others distros like Fedora. How to set it in Garuda?

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What is your method for setting up the configuration you are describing in Fedora?

Hi @BluishHumility ,

A default installation of Fedora Workstation -for example- comes, with TTY1 and TTY2 with Xorg session enabled ( this is common on more distros ).

Garuda -great distro- comes only with TTY1 Xorg session enabled by default on boot time. It is enough, of coz, but I ask for how to allow at boot time a second TTY Xorg session to be enabled at boot time.

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A default installation of Fedora Workstation uses Wayland, since about version 25 or so--not Xorg. I'm not sure what you are thinking of when you are describing TTY1 and TTY2 booting with Xorg running as a default configuation.

This sounds like it may be an XY problem. Why do you want this configuration? By that I mean: in what way to you make use of it?

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Hi @BluishHumility ,

I may need to explain myself better.

In other words, how to enable a second SDDM ( coz Garuda use SDDM ) at boot time in TTY2.

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