How to downgrade python from 3.9 to 3.7.6

What is the best method to downgrade python from 3.9 to 3.7.6 in command line code?

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Don't do this. It can break your system.


Perhaps tell us why you want to do it? Then we can understand and potentiality offer a better solution

EDIT : I don't know anything about phython! I was saying this might help!


bug fix and more security and stable!?

Absolutely wrong. Bugs are fixed on latest versions. Stability is not a problem either millions of peoples use latest Python daily.


Please tell us more about your system and the bug. The outcome of what you're proposing would absolutely not have the outcome you're looking for.


Python 3.9 will do then!

My problem is that i have some people around me who has python 3.7.6 and think it is the Sh#T and later python wont do any good. and thier sickness is make the entire world follow them. i am sure you might have meat this fan boy once or twice in your life.


Where? Windows?

Well, I must say that thousands of projects are very highly dependent on Python, including all of Linux distros I have used And Python is so large project to comment on it. Also, almost all the trading platforms use Python in backend.
So, I don't think that Python will come down in foreseeable future.


Haha. I love this. Nothing like a good Friday joke. Link me up, I want to fan boi on the internet with you tonight.


It was not a joke, really there is Fan Boy's and Gurus who think just cuz that they belive something everybody ells should follow. and poor me and my soul, i pee on my self like a kitty cat so i have to come and cry on your shoulders like a small girl who is dressed up like a doll and tell you guys where they have been touching me. I am telling you, they try to touch my latest python!


Now your Python analogy is just getting a little too graphic for me. Stick to car analogies so no one has to go to counseling from PTSD aftershock.


OMG did they touch you and your python to???

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Honestly, no joking, i think you Garuda Community is awesome and i am greatful for your hardwork you have put down on the forum.
Really i am not kidding you have some Fan boys within your community who does not even deserve to be apart of this community!
Simply said and shortly: Thank you!


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