How to do usb3.0 passthrough in virtualbox?

Hello Garuda users.


I have recently reinstalled Virtualbox and I am not getting USB3.0 option in Virtualbox settings

I think you have to install this extension pack to get 3.0 passthrough.


Correct, you need to install the Extension Pack and then from the GUI you can add ports or devices.

Works very well once properly configured.

You might want to ensure you are in the vboxusers group with:


then add your user if it didn't show up

sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers $USER

I used the garuda-assistant app and check marked everything in virtualization section , Now I have many stuffs but USB3.0 passthrough works
( I think it installed guest additions and added user to vboxusers group and combination of this fixed the problem )
thanks guys for your helps

There are some "apps" from Garuda Linux.
So your statement does not help anyone.

We always mark here the solution and not the implementation.

I marked it for @enryoku :slight_smile:

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