How to Disable Pipewire and use Alsa?

I don't like pipewire. I've been using ALSA for all the years that I've been on Linux and I've never had an issue with it. Pipewire on the other hand doesn't cooperate with most of my audio software and just causes issues for me. I've tried running garuda-assistant to change that, but it immediately crashes with an "Address boundary error".

So what's the recommended way to get rid of Pipewire so that I can get back to ALSA where everything just works?

PipeWire is becoming the defacto audio subsystem, integrated into many aspects of the OS (e.g. screen sharing under Wayland) so it's not recommended to remove it; instead fixing the problem would be a better approach.

pacman -R pipewire is worth trying.


pacman -R pipewire is worth trying

Well, if that's what you recommend then I'll do a cascading remove. Thanks for your help..

Please tell me how that goes. Pipewire does seem super buggy. I have had problems with audio software and linux I never had with pulse audio. Yet, just waiting for pipewire to improve as time goes since it is not going anywhere. The new standard.

Before you give up on PipeWire, it might be worth trying WirePlumber as the session manager instead of PipeWire Media Session. I've seen more than a few threads were folks managed to solve their audio issues simply by installing WirePlumber and rebooting.

ArchWiki describes WirePlumber as "a more powerful manager and the current recommendation." PipeWire - ArchWiki

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I was really tired when I made that post, but after getting some sleep and thinking about it for a while I noticed that Steam requries pipewire and will break without it. Not having Steam defeats the purpose of using Garuda imo, so I think a much sensible solution would be the following:

I didn't go into detail, but having mpd compiled with pipewire support (which the offical repo does) breaks some feautes of mpc (my preferred client). However, there are pkgbuilds on the aur that allow one to enable/disable pipewire along with a myriad of other dependencies.

TLDR: I think it's better to tweak your broken stuff to simply not use pipewire then remove it, as Steam (firedragon and Garuda's ffmpeg!) requires it. I'll try to build a custom mpd with makepkg and post the results in the upcoming days.


Okay, so I made a pkgbuild for mpd with alsa support enabled and it works! The volume control for mpc is still broken, so I replaced mpc volume [x]% with amixer set Headset [x]%, then I control speaker volume by manualing turning the dial. I don't know why PCM isn't in alsamixer because it was there before. Not sure if pipewire's screwing that up or if there's some extra work I need to do for that, but it's an acceptable work-around for me.

But anyhow, it's been a couple of weeks since I first installed installed this, and this was the last thing that I still needed to set up, so yay! This is definitely the distro that I would pick for a high-end system.

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