How to delete a connection in Network Manager (or Wallet)

Okay, this was it.

But, could you please tell me how to delete a connection in Network Manager (or Wallet) permanently? See, I have three SSIDs, one for family, one for guests and one for my homelab which I use. The passwords seems to be cached somewhere, or the connection. Because if I change the authentication method (passphrase) for the SSID, it starts working. However, with the old password, which is working everywhere else just fine, it does not.

Problem is, if I change the password for that SSID, I will need to reconfigure 40+ smart devices and IoT, which I would like to avoid if possible :slight_smile:


right click on your wifi icon and select configure network connection then right click the connection you want to delete and click delete. This seems to do the job for me. :man_shrugging:

If this doesn’t work why not just create a new SSID (not deleting the old one’s) for your 5GHz network for your machine alone? This way you get to retain the config for your other IoT devices and can use a different SSID for your garuda machine alone not disturbing anything. I apologise if this is not possible I just haven’t done any router configuration before.

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