How to Customize my Gnome? Gnome Layout Switcher from Manjaro?

Hello Friends, i want to install all extensions from Manjaro Gnome and the Gnome Layout Switcher, but its only on their Repo.

I don't want to make a Frankenstein, but also i want to customize my desktop.

  • Make Shell Transparent

  • Use Unite (Recreates Unity from Ubuntu)

  • Gnome Layout Switcher

You can always compile from source. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just installed gnome edition on one of my old laptops, and i'm frustrated at how uncustomizable it is out of the box... Switching to cinnamon now myself for the laptop.

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I dont know :frowning:

Sounded somehow familiar :smiley:

|gnome-layout-switcher.svg |Use svg files provided by SGS || 3 years ago|

Is this still compatible?

IDK, sorry.

Both unite and shell transparency extensions are available on

You can go through the wiki on gnome for installation methods.

I f you really want to use gnome on this distro you will have to do the work. Gnome Devs have their own agenda which oftentimes does not align with the the various distros providing it including Arch lol.