How to create bootable usb ?(win10.iso)

i have tried every possible way avilable on internet.
i stuck till more than 7 hours. i have to finish my project , please help asap

If you want to create a Windows USB from a Linux your best bets are woeusb or ventoy.

You can't use normal Linux imaging tools.


i tried woeusb though kernal , it shows like - you manually have to mount or unmount something..

now i am installing woeusb-gui

Can't be. :smiley:

Start reading next time


above screenshort is with fat
and this is with ntfs

That is fixed in the upcoming version of woeusb.

For now, just make this change manually to your local files:

how can i do that

Edit /usr/bin/woeusb with a text editor and make the change I linked above.



This is a detailed as I am getting.

If you look at around line 1050 of that file, you need to change:

        -1024s \


        -2048s \
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now this raised

This is still a Garuda forum and should remain so.

We are not here to do your homework especially not ASAP.

We don't do free training here either.
Take Ventoy, done.