How to create a shortcut for "Always on Top"

Right click on top of a Window on Garuda, click on "More actions", then we have the option "Keep window above others".

This is an option I use very frequently, so I would like to know how to create a shortcut for this action. How could I do it?

I tried to create by my own but I've been unsuccessful until now. I've been unable to find the solution using the search engines. I already spent at least 30 minutes on this, found that if you right click on System Settings > Shortcuts > Personalized shortcuts, one menu is open, then you click on New > Window Action > Set command from keyboard; well, I tried to do a bunch of things intuitively on this area, but nothing worked

I would appreciate some guidance to create this shortcut. I'm on Garuda Linux dragonized.

Hi there, welcome to the forum!
Isn't the process suggested here OK?

Just my first hit of an Internet search KDE "Keep window above others", I haven't checked it...
Edit: it is working for me. To be precise it is here:


Thank you!!! YESS
Didn't expect this to be there
Everything's working fine now,
Loving this distro, see you, bro!


So, for once, let me self-


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