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Hey Everyone!

I am brand new to Garuda, just downloaded it last week and I am absolutely floored. I was an Ubuntu user for almost a decade from 2005-2015 and went to Windows mainly for gaming and work reasons. I was absolutely shocked a couple of months ago when I installed Ubuntu temporarily on an old machine and found not just Steam support, but loads of packages to help gamers. I decided to keep on Ubuntu for a while until it conflicted with my AMD GPU drivers, and while troubleshooting I found Garuda.

It has only been a week, but I am absolutely stunned by the work ya’ll have done. This is a stellar OS, and is everything I’ve been looking for, thank you so much. I went ahead and got a monthly donation set up to help keep this project alive. That said, while I’m sure monetary contribution is nice, I am confident there are other ways I could help. While I am not an engineer by trade, I do serve as Head of Product for a software company, and have significant experience in product management and design. If there is anything I can do to help contribute towards this project and help keep this community thriving, please let me know!

Best, and again thank you!


Thank you on behalf of the Garuda team


You can help users with problems in the forum, report bugs here or in Gitlab and recommend Garuda to your friends.


Thank you for the welcome, very happy to be here.

Absolutely will do on the forum and bug reporting, thanks! I also build PC’s for a couple of my friends and going forward this will be my go to OS :slight_smile:


Learn Arch Linux first. There’s no better information than their Wiki. Then learn Garuda.

It may take awhile.


Just thought I’d start off by thanking you for your kind monthly contribution, and I’d also like to welcome you to the Garuda community.

As already mentioned by @SGS, helping other users out with their issues on the forum is awesome, and is also one of the most appreciated ways of giving back to the community.

:+1: :wave:


Thanks for the suggestions all. I’ll definitely read up on the Arch Linux wiki and help out on the forum wherever possible. Again, thanks for the work on this!