How to connect to wifi in GNOME

Hello, I am a new user on Garuda Linux and I am dual booting it on windows 10. I was wondering how do i connect to wifi as a new linux user.

  1. Which version of Garuda Linux you downloaded and from where?
  2. Have you already installed Garuda or currently on live USB?

I am using the Garuda Linux Gnome edition. I downloaded it from sourceforge. Yes I already have installed Garuda. I am dual booting it with my windows 10 os.


Firstly, welcome to Garuda.

Unfortunately it is impossible to help you without knowing your system specs. Read the wiki entry on reporting bugs for info on posting your info using the inxi command.

Install Garuda and then someone will help you with your wifi issue. No one will waste time trying to install wifi drivers from within the live environment as that does not work because the live environment is not persistent.