How to configure waybar in wayfire

Hi, I'm a new user to garuda-wayfire but not really a gamer. It's a fantastic DE and would like to know more about wayfire. Anybody could tell me how to configure the bottom dock to my liking ? I think this dock is called waybar. Anyway is there any documentation anywhere if one want to personalize it ???


Found this with about 1m:30s of googling.


Thank you. I hadn't found it in my previous search. Is it possible that the waybar is only the one on top. I haven't found anything in my config that relate to what I see on the bottom bar ???

OK I will reply to my own comment. I found in the autostart directory that wf-panel was started there and it seems to be exactly what I see on the bottom of the screen.
The config is in ~/.config/wf-shell.ini . This config can be modified to add/remove .desktop entry that will be used as launcher.

Is there someplace where we can find information about how the whole config of this desktop is organized ? I know I'm a newbie in wayfire but documentation would definitly help.

Thank you ;=)

Start learning to search the web. It need 3 sec to copy and paste your