How to close applications

Hello, I am a newbie here and I have been using garuda linux on my hp laptop. let me say one thing i love it!!!, the only thing that i do not understand is how to close opened apps

To do this we need to know which spin of Garuda Linux you are using.
It is recommended that you always post your garuda-inxi if you have problems. Please always use a code block for terminal output.

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In addition to the mandatory garuda-inxi log, as nepti and forum rules mention, you might have the apps opened in the maximized state, so the close and minimize buttons are in the upper left corner.

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i am running this version of linux

i dont see them at all the close and min buttons

Press super key + Q to close the active window.

Click on the keyboard icon in the Waybar to show the cheatsheet with other basic keybindings.



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