How to change the programs recalled by Garuda Assistant

I love the ability to manage much of the distro with a few clicks from the Garuda Assistant, only some of the choices turn my nose up at them:

  • mandatory terminal (Alacritty/Konsole) I would like to be able to use Kitty as for everything else
  • the fact that with Octopi, it is completely useless (I use the Octopi repoeditor when needed).

Is there any way to remove Pace without breaking the dependencies (also because it is an absurd graphical glitch its opening, no matter what theme is installed, it is unreadable) and to be able to change the recalled terminal?

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Please, always post your garuda-inxi :slight_smile: , edit your first post.


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remove with Rdd if it breaks the assistant, install it again.
If it glitch, do not use it, I never need or use this app.
Are you sure you are talking about the garuda-assistant?

pace on i3wm

Just use

sudo micro /etc/pacman.conf

I move it from Garuda Community to 412 Precondition Failed

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