How to change lockscreen to sweetified?


So I was tweaking around the settings and seem to have misconfigured some options you guys built-in.

By default, Garuda KDE uses the sweet theme for both the SDDM login screen as well as the lock screen. Right?

But now, only the sweet theme is applied on the SDDM login screen.. The lock screen is different...

I did some research and they tell me there should be an option in Windows Behaviour> lock screen > appearance, but there is none...

Do you guys know how I can fix this?

This change has happened after an update (by KDE), not your fault.


Restoring a snapshot would be the first step to take.

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Nice to know.. But is there any way to fix it? Or just wait for an update? I really liked how SDDM looks and want it on my lockscreen..

But if i restore a snapshot.. won't it again ask me to update KDE? And after updating the same problem.. right?

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I've just confirmed: applying default configs from Garuda Assistant restores the Sweet lock screen. It seems to change to Breeze once you make any changes to theming, and even selecting Sweetified Plasma as the global theme doesn't apply it back.

I believe this has nothing to do with a KDE update and that restoring a snapshot would not help as this is in user configs.


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