How To Change GDM Theme

As Anyone can see the topic is pretty clear..

I want to theme my Login Screen But Dont know How I can do that.

Any Help Would Be Appreciated

What have you already looked at or tried?


I Just Have Done Nothing... I just have no idea.. I dont even know if this is possible so a complete newbie in this Area...

Please start with a web search, e.g. change gdm theme - Garuda searX


Its just change background everywhere nothing else

Which probably means it's not possible.


I just thought it maybe is because my laptop is slow.. It takes time to login and I currently use the orchis gnome shell..
and because my laptop is slow.. before the login screen becomes black.. I somehow get a glimpse of what it would look like if it would have used the orchis gnome shell theme.. hence I thought it maybe possibe to do it