How to boot on a chrome book

i have been able to boot using seabiod on chrome book and it lonched and installs fin untel 95% is were it says boot loaser faled and gives me a message about the bios does anyone have any idea on how to get this to boot on a chromebook i have a samsun chromebook 3 if that helps

Please search for that specific message on this forum (and other forums for similar Arch-based distros like EndeavourOS), then if you can't find someone with the same problem post the full error message here.


it gives me
Boost.Python error in job "bootloader".

Command 'grub-install --target=i386-PC--recheck --force /dev/SB's returned non-zero exit status 1." ...etc...

This is covered on many forums where the distro uses the Calamares installer. Please search for this first rather than expecting someone to repeat the same information again. Six minutes is not enough time to effectively search and read related threads.

This is not useful for diagnosing technical issues.


i have searched but nobody is using a chromebook but i have have other linux distributions in the past includes outher arch distributions and i a hoping that somone has more info on this than i have

What does that have to do with the boot loader installation error message?

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chrombooks do not suport all bios'es t oboot from and that is what i know what i am looking for is what bios do i need to boot

Given the live environment boots, why do you think you need a different BIOS?

The error message is quite clearly to do with the boot loader installation step. This error message is quite common and exists on a number of forums (including this one). Please search for it.


You have just completed lesson 1 of the Garuda Linux self sufficiency course. You got off to Rocky start, but passed the entence exam with flying colors. Congrats to you.

Welcome to Garuda @adrian.

Nicely done. :+1:


You may have better luck with mrchromebox coreboot firmware.

You said you have a Samsung Chromebook 3 - from their hardware compatibility on the GalliumOS site it looks like you're on the Braswell setup from here:

Firstly, know that you will absolutely still have bugs - it states there are multiple known issues still on it. Secondly, Seabios is available, but mrchromebox has added fixes in still. Again, it's noted you will still experience problems. It doesn't say specifically what they are, but it says multiple.

I know it's not Arch based, but for Chromebooks, there's no better place to look for information for your specific computer than at Gallium. That's all they do is Chromebooks.

Good luck.

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did you check this on

is was a normal search "arch linux on chromebook"

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