How to block an installed app from accessing internet?

Hello Garuda users.

I have installed WPS Office , and I dont want it to access internet for privacy reasons.

So can you all tell if there is any good GUI app that allows to block internet access for any installed package

I don't know about GUI, but

firejail --noprofile --net=none

When done, close WPS and then exit the firejail with the exit command.


Can I add this to .desktop file in place of command so that WPS always launches with no internet , if not is their any other method where if once set it will block all traffic from wps regardless of reboots

If it contacts the same IP address everytime, then you could use your hosts file to block it.

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You can look into installing opensnitch if you want a GUI solution. As a disclaimer I have never used it, but it appears to present you with a notification any time an app that does not have a standing rule attempts to establish a connection. You can decide whether or not to allow the connection and build up a set of rules as you see fit. Home · evilsocket/opensnitch Wiki · GitHub


As TNE pointed out firejail.

The below link also includes doing it from GUI


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