How to backup current installation (real machine) and import in virtualbox?

I have a very fine running system with all updates installed and heavily customised to taste
, Which I want to backup and export it in such a way that I shall be able to restore it in VirtualBox whenver I want to .

Please guide me through the process if this is possible

My idea would be to try using Clonezilla.
In the past, I used it only for a clone from disk to disk, but reading the documentation I'm sure I read something on using clonezilla from hardware to virtual machine (I remember I found it interesting but it was not my usecase).
A quick search on the Internet "clonezilla from hardware to virtual machine" shows a lot of tutorials.
I know that Clonezilla can be tricky when you clone to a different HW, but moving to a VM could be probably less so.
Anyway it is a matter of reading (maybe there are specific parameters) and trying: in this case you go to a VM, so there isn't much to loose, just the time to try again with some changes :slight_smile:


This request is completely out of scope for this forum. Typing the request into a search engine often leads to useful results too,


So this will work for Garuda also ?

If you are talking about themes, just copy .config folder in home to vm(using shared folders)

You might have to install relevant themes though.


Someone close this thread , i cant close it without marking as solved ,
though everyone suggestion was helpful but not quite what i wanted ,
i will pursue this info in more relevant forum like that of virtualbox