How to apply for offical wallpaper i want to add my custom wallpaper for everyone garuda anyhelp

i created an insane art peice and want everybody to see and consider for official wallpaper

I am not a leader but I think you can upload yours on gitlab and share it's link in the forum as you are a new user so option of uploading photos might not be available for you


There is no official wallpaper.
There are only the official logos. Please only publish your own work.

Please no AI pictures. The AI uses existing works that may infringe copyrights.
AI is not a tool like Blender, Inkscape or Gimp and Krita. Here, like true artists, the designer sits with his painting tools in front of a blank canvas.

If you are active in the forum you are more likely to upload pictures.
Note, these are converted to jpg and are lossy.

Greetings from the Garuda Linux Art Director :slight_smile:

Post here. :arrow_down:


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