How screwed is my windows?

I have windows on my C drive, and garuda on a partition on my A drive. How screwed is my windows?

With or without the drive configuration you mentioned, it’s probably only a matter of time before your Windows installation develops inexplicable problems and assumes a permanent state of impaired usability.

You could fix this issue with the following formatting routine:

  1. Reformat the A drive and make the whole thing Linux instead of only a partition.
  2. Reformat the C drive as well, and make that one also Linux. Another distro, extra storage, whatever.

That’s it! That should resolve any lingering Windows-related configuration issues you are having.

I hope that helps, welcome to the community @Vagous. :wave:


I love new X-Y (and possibly C) mysteries! :wink:

@Vagous, please…

  1. Read here in the forum how to provide a garuda-inxi output.
  2. Then boot from a live Garuda ISO.
  3. Copy/paste that output here, as instructed.

That will give us a clear(er) understanding of your drive setup. The information you have so far provided is worthless.


So just removing garuda and it’s partitition isn’t enough?

Posting a garuda-inxi output so we can help you is out of the question, huh?

I guess your Windows is totally farked, then. Better tear it down to the nubbin’ and reinstall everything.

So just do that in the terminal?

Ugh, I uninstalled garuda anyway, so, idk.

Is there nothing to do at that point?

Please read my first reply. And if nobody replies to your latest post, just add to it. no need to create a new post.

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I uninstalled garuda. I can’t do that command.

You can thank me being stupid when I wake up

You “uninstalled” it? How did you manage that, the old “uninstall” button? :joy: :wink:

You never made it clear what the issue was (if there even was one), so I took the opportunity to tease you a bit. My apologies if it was not clear I was only joking around.

It seems there is nothing to solve here so I’ll go ahead and close this one down. So long @Vagous, feel free to come back any time. :slightly_smiling_face: